Tips on buying organic drinks and beverages

From healthy drinks in cafes, fast food stores, service stations to supermarket grocery products, organic drinks are delicious, and are produced sustainably without the use of artificial chemicals.

Just look for the Organic Certification label, and give them a try—we’ll let them do the talking.

Tips for buying organic chocolate, tea & coffee

Within Australia there are now many varieties of organic chocolate, tea and coffee available—just look on the supermarket shelf—they are usually stocked alongside the conventional products or in the health food section.

Apart for the fact that they are grown using organic practices, an additional benefit is that many are also grown and harvested under ‘Fair Trade’ arrangements so that local growers in developing countries receive a fair price for their produce.

NASAA Certified Organic (NCO) is extensively involved in supporting small grower groups in developing countries, some of whom produce organic tea and coffee and export them around the world—so look for the spring leaf NASAA Certified Organic label on the product.

Buying organic wine, beer & spirits

Organic wines are extensive and priced very competitively against conventional products.

So much so that in some cases, organic wine producers do not put the Organic label on a product—they simply let the quality and value do the talking.

All the big retailers stock organic wines—just ask them to point them out.

Many organic wine producers offer cellar door sales—why not make a day of it and try them for yourself.

The following search facility may help you find an organic retail shop in your area – Search for Certified Organic products and producers.