NASAA Organic skills training

Organic training for inspectors and prospective operators

NASAA training for prospective operators and inspectors helps to ensure that they are well apprised and competent in meeting inspection requirement and in maintaining organic certification.

Training seminars are regularly held and supported with thorough documentation and support manuals.

Prospective operators

Training for prospective certified organic operators covers certification requirements against the NASAA Organic and Biodynamic Standard for Australia’s domestic market with an additional focus on the particular operation and products to be produced.

Inspector training

Courses train inspectors to audit against the National Standard for Organic and Biodynamic Produce and the NASAA Organic and Biodynamic Standard for Australia’s domestic market and to appropriately note and detail issues found on inspection and making recommendations to assist the NASAA system in determining compliance.

Other training includes learning the rules and regulations of our export partners to certify operators to meet the requirements for access to specific export markets, such as the European Union, Japan, US, Korea and China.

Participants will be required to sit and pass an evaluation at the conclusion of the training to be considered as an inspector for NASAA Certified Organic (NCO).

Opportunities for new inspectors are very limited, but if you are interested in becoming a trained Certified Organic inspector, contact the NASAA Certified Organic office.

International certification training services

NASAA Organic provides training services in numerous countries, helping local communities and individuals in developing countries make the transition into more sustainable and ultimately to Certified Organic food production.

Training for small producers & independent grower groups

Our grower group training program involves organised food production and supply chains that act for the benefit of small producers.

This involves working in conjunction with local groups in a tiered system of roles and responsibilities, so they can become organically certified to sell their product into the international organic market.

This includes training grower group management and staff to carry out the functions in order to enable grower group certification in compliance with the relevant organic standards and guidelines.

NASAA Organic international training has helped numerous small grower groups become certified to internationally- recognised organic standards, including communities in the Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Nepal Vietnam, and Fiji.

To find out more about NASAA Organic training, contact the NASAA office to receive more information.