Developing Organic Agriculture Through Research

NASAA Organic seeks the continuously development of organic agriculture along the entire food system value chain through research, knowledge transfer and advisory services, practice-oriented projects and public relations work.
Working together with partners in the industry, research and advisory institutions, public bodies and non-governmental organisations in Australia and Oceania Pasifika, NASAA Organic is investing into need-based organic research and research support for secured nutrition and conserve the natural basis of life.

The purpose of NASAA Organic’s engagement is to promote and support research in all value chains under the IFOAM Family of Standards, the principles of Organic 3.0 and related systems such as Participatory Guarantee Systems (PGS), Agroecology, Regenerative, to continuously improve agriculture and food systems towards true sustainability.

NASAA Organic’s commitment to research is dedicated to responsibility for people, animals and the environment, as well as internal and external transparency and participation.

Respecting and Prioritising Farmer-led Research

NASAA Organic respects the knowledge of farmers and especially organic farmers and prioritises farmer led research, farmer-to-farmer knowledge exchange as well as on-farm trials to propel organic and sustainable agriculture.

As condition and challenges changes, continuous investment into more research and education in organic agriculture management, and its benefits for food, health, and environment is needed.

Partnering with OTARE

NASAA Organic partners with Organic Trust Australia – Research and Education (OTARE) a registered charity working on research and education in organic agriculture in Australia and beyond.

Organic Trust Australia supports projects for consumers, producers, traders and educators.