A guide when buying Australian and internationally Certified Organic produce

If you want to shop more sustainably, buying Certified Organic food, fibre and cosmetic produce in Australia is easy.

The range of certified organic food, fibre and cosmetic products is huge. An internet search to find a local supplier or shop online will get you started.

The quality assurance system of certified organics means that certified organic growers, manufacturers, input suppliers, and retailers must meet the National Standard in order to ensure traceability along the entire organic supply chain from paddock to plate.

Organic product categories include and are not limited to: food, processed foods, beauty and skincare, clothing, linen, baby and child care, pet, cleaning and gardening products.

The advantages of buying organic products are significant.

Research is constantly expanding our understanding of the health and environmental benefits of organic production systems.

Australia has numerous trading arrangements with other countries making the range and source of Certified Organic produce sold in Australia quite extensive.

Many organic retailers offer online shopping and home delivery, while some farmers and producers offer farm gate sales and pick your own; and some manufactures also sell retail directly from their production facility.

You will also find organic produce in community and farmers markets throughout Australia. All major supermarkets now stock organic produce, either in the health food sections or among their conventional produce.

Demand for organic cosmetics from allergy sufferers, people with sensitive skin and the general population is growing rapidly.

Infant products are numerous and demand for organic produce for young children here and overseas often outstrips supply.

Many restaurants and cafes now specialise in serving Certified Organic products so you can eat in, take away, shop, or buy online a wide range of organic products.

Find out more about the benefits of organic food.

The following search facility may help you find an organic retail shop in your area – Search for Certified Organic products and producers

Buying packaged organic products

Product labelling is what differentiates Certified Organic consumer products. All Certified Organic products are traceable back to the producer/processor.

The operator’s certification number written in conjunction with the Certified Organic Label within the product label can be looked up on the website of the certifying organisation such as NASAA Certified Organic (NCO); to determine if the product is certified and who produced the product.

The spring leaf, NASAA Organic label is used by NCO operators to provide the verification that the product has been produced using nationally and internationally-recognised organic principles and production methods. At present there are three NASAA Labels in use:

Original spring leaf NASAA Organic label
Phasing out by early 2021

New look spring leaf NASAA Organic label 
Available from 2019

Other Australian accredited Certified Organic Labels