This Think Bank event provides a unique forum for our Leadership Team to meet with our Members and wider stakeholder network to address industry’s current challenges and assess the opportunities for pathways to solutions.

There will be a networking workshop for Members to individually voice their areas of interest, what challenges they’re experiencing and the solutions that they are seeking.

What is the Think Bank about?

Our thought leadership work brings together diverse perspectives to generate new thinking and connect this to key decision-makers and influencers. Tapping into the knowledge of our Network, our aim is to motivate and inspire solutions for NASAA Organic’s most intractable issues and seize the plentiful opportunities available to all of us in the industry.

Why is my participation important?

Our Members and wider stakeholders hold the experience on the ground of both industry and business challenges, but also hold the pathways for solutions. The Organic industry has a wide representation across the Organic Agri-Supply chain, and we believe one person’s challenge is another person’s opportunity. In bringing people together to discuss their specific issues, the collective experience and knowledge may provide a new pathway for meeting these challenges.

Why you should be involved?

Having your experiences and ideas underpin this work allows NASAA Organic to continue to support you in ways that are most relevant and practical. Most importantly it allows the Leadership Team the opportunity to ground truth assumptions of issues and solutions.

How you can be involved:

  1. Complete a 10 minute survey outlining your challenges and what help you are seeking
  2. Participate in our workshop by joining us in person or online where we will present our initial findings from our survey and explore what this means for NASAA Organic. Register for the workshop here.

We hope you can engage with us at some level on this thought leadership project as your experience and opinions matter to us and can actively support understandings of future leadership for our Network and beyond.

Event Schedule:

  • 09.30-10.00am Registration opens
  • 10.00-10.15am Welcome & Intro
  • 10.15-10:45am NASAA STRATEGIC PLAN: Challenges, Solutions, and the Journey to get there – Presented by Tim Marshall
  • 10.45-11.45am THINK BANK: Further thinking, ground truthing assumptions, concepts, issues and possible solutions – Feedback and open discussion on concepts presented
  • 11:45-12.15pm EXPECTATIONS ON NASAA: Biosecurity, Emergency Response, Contemporary Inclusion, Consumer enquiries and all things Environmental – Presentation and Facilitated discussions from: Alex Mitchell, General Manager of NASAA Organic and Sage Lawless, Masters Student, researching the Youth Voice in the Organic Industry
  • 12.45-01.30pm LUNCH
  • 01:30-02.45pm THINK BANK: Exploring the value of Organic in the new world of sustainability – your next big challenge – Facilitated session exploring Members and NCO operators challenges, using the Think Bank of the participants to assist in solutions
  • 02-45-03.00pm Session Round up and Close

For more information please contact:

Alex Mitchell

08 7231 7705