To become fully informed when considering conversion to organic production systems, NASAA Organic recommends you read more about organic farming. The following links provide additional sources of information.

Organic Forums & insights

Organic farming & Permaculture Forum (AUST)
Urban Agriculture Forum
Australian Farm Institute
Fair Food Forum
Organic Industries of Australia

International Organics

International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM)

The Farming Forum (UK)

The Organic Farmer Forum (Africa)

Entering the age of organics (Asia and Pacific Policy Society)

Organic research

Centre for Organic ResearchSouthern Cross University
School of Agriculture, Food and WineUniversity of Adelaide



United Nations

Thünen Institute

Canadian Organic Science Cluster

European Commission & ARC 2020


Organic claims—Australian Competition and Consumer Commission
Country of origin claims—Australian Competition and Consumer Commission