Organic employment and jobs

As the organic industry expands, employment opportunities expand also. A diverse range of jobs are emerging in the organic industry in innovative food, fibre and cosmetic production, distribution and marketing.

From self-employment to salaried, small-scale to large, education to production, research to advocacy, there are numerous opportunities in organic operations in Australia and overseas.

Certified Organics is an exciting innovative industry. However, as with all career moves and decisions, NASAA recommends that people considering the move to organics become fully informed. Due diligence is your responsibility.

According to the 2019 World of Agriculture yearbook there are currently around 2.9 million organic producers worldwide.

Relative to the Australian agriculture sector, organic occupies around 2% of production with an estimated $2.6bil domestically and $140bil internationally.

The following links provide more information and may help you become more informed:

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